Introductions Can Be So Awkward...


" Charmcity Livin' with a Baby"

People have lived in cities for centuries and have raised children there without batting an eye. My partner and I are attempting to do the same. This however isn't a "how to make it in the city with a baby" journey. This is a journey of two designers, trained as architects, trying to make their city a better place for their little one, Panda.

The design profession has grown to be unforgiving for mothers and young families and ours is no different. With the turn of the century technology, taking time off to raise your child means becoming irrelevant in the profession. For moms that means going back to work sooner than later and jiggling nursing, exhaustion, studying for exams, daily task and maintaining accreditation for next new hot topic. I returned to work part-time after 14 short weeks at home. My return was slow and exhausting, working partly in the office and partly from home at night. After a few months I finally transitioned to working full time in the office. Early mornings, although they aren't my favorite, allow me to head home early and spent the afternoon with our son.

Our city Baltimore, Maryland, is full of things for us to enjoy and experience with our son! We have lived here for roughly 6 years, through college and now as young professionals and parents. Our rowhome in the historic neighborhood of Fells Point allows us to walk everywhere! You could easily find us walking to work, to the waterfront with our dogs, or to our favorite bar grab drinks with other designers and neighbors. Although Baltimore isn't NYC, it's still expensive, so living in the city with a baby isn't the easiest thing. As with any city there are pros, like begin able to walk to the grocery store on my way home from work and cons like non city residents trying to parallel park at 2:30 in the morning. But we believe in Charmcity so we live here, work here and hangout here.

Enough about me, I can be a bit chatty at times...

My hope is that through this blog you get to know me and a few other moms who have chosen to live in the city and are redefining who working moms are.


Courtney Morgan